Clear Aligners


Dualine is our latest and most innovative option for esthetic clear aligner treatment for people that want straight teeth without the appearance of braces. The advantage of the Dualine system is that it is directly designed by Drs. Lockhart from start to finish, which allows them to truly customize your tooth movement at every step in the process. Your aligners will actually be fabricated in the office, allowing for more efficient treatment times and quicker delivery.

The process starts with an intraoral scan of your teeth, which will allow the doctors to virtually move your teeth to the desired position. After the virtual set-up, your models will be 3D printed in the office for fabrication of the clear aligners that will move your teeth. With such precise technology directed by the doctors, you will be pleased to see awesome results while looking beautiful along the way. Please see the video for more information on how this system works!