Surgical Orthodontics

Surgical orthodontics is combined treatment by our doctors and an oral surgeon to correct jaw abnormalities. The need for jaw surgery is determined after reviewing the patient’s X-rays, photos and models.

The orthodontist initially levels and aligns the teeth in the jawbone, then the oral surgeon positions the jaws into a more normal position to allow the bite to come together ideally. This procedure results in the improved ability to chew, speak, and breathe, while also delivering tremendous facial aesthetics.

Surgical Candidates

Drs. Lockhart employ the latest orthodontic technologies in order to reduce the overall need for this method, however, jaw surgery still may be required in those with improper bites, as well as those with facial aesthetic concerns. All growth must be complete before jaw surgery can be performed (jaw growth is usually complete by 16 years with girls and 18 with boys), however it is very common to begin correcting tooth position while a patient is still growing.

Drs. Lockhart both completed an additional year of surgical orthodontic training after their orthodontic residencies, which less than 5% of orthodontists in the country have completed. This makes them highly qualified to treat more complex and severe jaw and teeth discrepancies.